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We are building the Blockchain for the Gambling 3.0 industry regulated by technology, that ensures the automation of transactions and facilitates interactions between all industry participants from players to software providers. We are creating a new simple and easy way for casino operators and game developers to develop games or launch a casino platform.
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Why now?

The global market of legally regulated gambling reached $533 billion in 2018. For now, the Blockchain Gambling Market is growing exponentially and can potentially reach new heights. We want to drive this growth and invite you in.

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Why we build the DAO.Casino Blockchain

Our Blockchain is to solve many long-time problems in the decentralized gambling industry such as random number generation, high transaction costs and performance bottlenecks. That means all the issues of low-speed transactions and loading speed, high network fees, and weak throughput will soon be in the past.

Why DAO.Casino Blockchain scheme
  • Latency and Throughput

    It takes no more than 1 second to make a transaction. Up to 2000 tx/sec.

  • Fast and Scalable

    We provide a deterministic block finality by sequentially confirming blocks among the majority of verifier nodes.

  • Secure

    A distributed VRNG is an essential part built into our Blockchain.


Bitcoin10 min7 tx/sec1 h (probabilistic)no
Ethereum15 sec30 tx/sec15 min (probabilistic)EVMno
Tron15 sec2000 tx/secTVMno
EOS1 sec2000 tx/sec3 min (deterministic)WebAssemblyno
DAO.Casino1 sec2000 tx/sec3 sec (deterministic)WebAssemblyyes

Company roadmap

2019 • Q1

DAO.Casino Blockchain reveal

2019 • Q2

Testnet 1.0 release

RANDPA implementation

Technical paper 1.0 release

2019 • Q3

Testnet 2.0 release

Governance implementation

Testnet 3.0 release

Game of Stakes



HardFork and VRNG integration

First partner blockchain-based B2C casino announcement

2019 • Q4

To be announced


Benefits for Validators

Estimated stacking reward up to 16%* of total supply per year.* Inflation: maximum 20%; Tax: 20% of current inflation

Rewards calculator

Estimated staking value
BET 10,000.00
Weekly rewards
BET 29.81
Monthly rewards
BET 129.17
Yearly rewards
BET 1,550.00

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