We have fantastic news. The Sandbox project is finished and while we have been updating you every step of the way, we can now share all the final details of this big success. Find out how we created such a big project, details of our very worthy game, details of who reached the Sandbox final stage, the project’s many benefits and whether there will be another one.

How the Sandbox project started

We are always keen on innovation here at DAO.Casino, and the exciting opportunities that technology can offer. That is why on September 17 last year, we created a challenge for game developers, independent teams and game development studios to test their skills by creating a game on our SDK. Our SDK enables any developer to create blockchain games and DApps. This would be a single-move game with a binary logic, where the result is defined by the Signidice PRNG (pseudo-random number generator).

Entrants learned the basics of decentralized applications development on DAO.Casino protocol, using three technology stack levels. It was such an exciting opportunity that we had over 100 entries worldwide, including Japan and Latin America.

“We launched the Sandbox with the goal of enabling as many developers as possible to learn to create decentralized games. We achieved an important milestone by starting to accept applications from developers all around the world who shared our idea of making online gambling fair and transparent. With our technology, developers were able to take the whole gambling industry to the next level” – says Aleksandra Fetisova Project Manager at DAO.Casino.

On November 2, after very careful consideration, we chose our 15 teams, all ready to create, design and deploy decentralized games and applications on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was ready to go on November 5.

And the finalist is

The project went so well, and with such good ideas, that we actually extended the deadline for our 15 finalists by a month to January 31 (following feedback, however, we have decided not to do this again). While not everyone was able to finish the project, we still had a really high caliber with our top three.

And our finalist, announced on March 1, was certainly of a very high standard. Our judges noted it was the most complete, as well as having an excellent design and a strong frontend. Our winning team joined during the International Blockchain Hackathon 2018 in Minsk and then decided to continue their work. They produced Eggs of Fortune, a classic shell game with an Asia-inspired design, which you can find here. DAO.Casino will also provide the team with full-scale assistance to complete the project, which will soon become one of the first games to be on the platform.

“The blockchain allows you to implement the most daring ideas that come into your mind. This Sandbox project gave us a real chance to test our skills and gain valuable experience. The DAO.Casino Team provided the SDK details and some excellent materials, such as examples and even videos on the use and implementation of all the necessary elements. The DAO.Casino Team’s support was excellent, from the beginning during the hackathon in Minsk until the end of the Sandbox.” - Alexey Cheshev from the “Winners” Team.

What we have learned from the project

Our aim was to make it as convenient as possible to use SDK, and it could not have gone better. During the whole time of the Sandbox project, we were gathering all the feedback about DAO.Casino’s SDK. As a result of this close communication, we have made huge progress on our SDK and made 80% completion on our platform. Our developer's chat, where our team answers development related questions 24/7, has also been very useful.

And will there be another Sandbox Project?

Of course. You will be the first to know when we launch it.

To sum up, we appreciate decent work of all the participants! We are happy you joined us on this adventure towards developing the future of Blockchain and Gambling Industries. Special thanks goes to Malta Blockchain Hackathon and Imaguru Blockchain Hackathon, that helped us to host the Sandbox challenge and to attract new challengers. We would also like to express our gratitude to Florin Gusa, a Youtube blogger, for helping to spread the word about us and our SDK through the video.

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