We’re not even close to slowing down. Right now, we’re working harder than ever to deliver our product while presenting our substantial progress at international iGaming events. You can see below just what we have been able to accomplish, even within the past two weeks:

What DAO.Casino says

"We’re preparing for one of the milestone events we will be attending - SiGMA iGaming Malta. During this event a hackathon organized by DAO.Casino will take place. Over 100 game developers will be in attendance, all of whom will develop decentralized games on our protocol. And not just that, as we’ll also have a stand at the main event. That’s where we’ll be showcasing the B2B platform by DAO.Casino and giving details about the latest progress of our protocol to representatives of the online gaming industry," says DAO.Casino Project Manager Aleksandra Fetisova.

Executive summary

We’re pleased that the protocol’s take up rates are meeting our expectations, as more and more developers are getting involved. During our upcoming hackathon at SiGMA iGaming Malta, over 100 developers will try developing games with the use of our protocol. We’re intensifying the efforts on our platform and will demonstrate its key advantages to representatives of the online gaming business.


After the game-data format change, smart-contract writing has become simpler for developers. We have also integrated all of the changes and fixes we had in the pipeline for our smart-contracts and other modules, such as for the bankroller and the SDK ones.

  • Smart-contract writing simplified
  • Modified contract for generation and verification of PRNG Signidice
  • Refactoring completed
  • Rewritten and added template game smart-contracts


As we know how popular lottery iGames are, we’re giving them more attention and doing everything to ensure the quality of the final product. Thanks to the efforts of our QA department, we’ve discovered and introduced several optimizations and eliminated several bugs.


  • Ticket check function and reward function were split into different checks, with jackpot and other winnings payouts separated as well
  • Fixed the multi-draw bug, with a limit for the number of draws being introduced when buying tickets
  • Corrected fund distribution for when the lottery draw has finished
  • Added default settings - ticket price and prize size no longer have to be set manually
  • Fixed an error with inconsistent bank-related calculations


We’ve introduced a number of important changes to the platform. Up until now, there was a problem with synchronization between the platform and games. It led to a loaded game being unable to initialize and work correctly. Now the interaction between the platform and games has been corrected, so as to be far more reliable and stable.


  • Fixed a bug of private key transfer between the platform and a game


The DAO.Casino website uses the best practices for corporate web portals. Over the past weeks we’ve achieved close to 90 point scores on 3 out of 5 key per Lighthouse front-end tools set - Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO. Over the next month we’ll keep optimizing the site for usability and performance.

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