Since launching our TestNet, we’ve been conducting complex tests to ensure our Blockchain project continues to demonstrate the highest standards of reliability and performance.

Today we want to share positive results from one of our most recent load tests - performed in the TestNet.

The current TestNet setup consists of 21 Validator nodes that produce the blocks, plus 6 additional full-nodes. The hardware configuration of the virtual machines running the nodes is as follows: 4 vCPU, 8Gb RAM.

We’re using a custom-made test utility to generate random transactions and distribute them among full-nodes. This simulates real-life scenarios where Validator nodes are not publicly accessible.

We’ve been able to record the following metrics within this test environment during our benchmark period:

  • Transactions per second: 1000
  • Average block finalization delay - seconds between block is marked as Last Irreversible (LIB chart) -  i.e. becomes final: 1.1 sec (with occasional spikes not exceeding 2 secs)
  • Nodes average CPU utilization: 49%

As is clear, thanks to our breakthrough RANDPA consensus algorithm with superspeed finality, we are able to achieve greater transaction throughput while still achieving the minimal finalization delay.

Please note that while we’re attempting to create as lifelike a scenario as possible, our current results are not fully reflective of real-world conditions, as our TestNet machines are configured on mid-level hardware.

Please keep updated with our progress, as we continue to publish our benchmark results as milestones of our future development progress and improvements.

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