As we had written earlier, we are closely monitoring the updates of the EOS network and have introduced the following changes.

The new version contains a number of fixes and changes that will help make our product more stable and productive.

- fixed memory leak in fullnode
- fixed segfault in execution queue

We are also continuing to explore the possibility of applying the changes of EOS 1.8 to DAOBet.

The global EOS 1.8 update offers a number of important and useful changes, as well as a number of Breaking changes, and our team is working on introducing all the useful features to DAOBet.

If you want to try yourself out in the role of a validator on our testnet, please write to us.

Breaking changes:

Please pay attention to the fact that to interact with the new testnet, you will need to regenerate a keypair since the public key format has been changed.

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