The Crypto Games Conference is over and the DAO.Casino team is finally reunited back at its headquarters, celebrating the successful event that in many ways surpassed our high expectations.

This year’s event was definitely taken to the next level compared to the success of the CGC in May. Both the visitors and participants appreciated the truly international scale of the event, underlined by the number of speakers and service at the premises.


The topics discussed at CGC this year not only included the development of blockchain games but a broad variety of industry problems. The event was attended by many top-management and business development representatives of leading companies, such as specialists who play an increasingly important role in the game development industry. We at DAO.Casino know for a fact that post-production marketing and promotion of a game are as important as its design and code. Revenue is steadily flowing in the emerging blockchain game development industry, paving the way for exciting and ambitious projects.

The DAO.Casino stand was a big place of attraction at the event, bringing together both developers and media. Sergey Pomorin and Alexandra Fetisova were happy to introduce the visitors at our stand to the advantages of our protocol, telling them how easy it is to develop a decentralized game or adapt an existing project to blockchain using our SDK. Several game developers immediately made up their mind to submit their Sandbox applications and try the SDK themselves. Leading blockchain media paid us a visit at our stand, including DeCenter,, Coinspeaker, Ruscoininfo, and We also started looking into a possible cooperation with BelGameDev, a community focused on teaching game development.


Dmitry Belianin, CMO at DAO.Casino, took part in two panel discussions on the event’s main stage. The first discussion revolved around the potential of blockchain technology in iGaming, while the second one was about marketing challenges in the industry. Among other things, Dmitry talked about the advantages of DAO.Casino protocol and its most interesting and innovative technological solutions, as well as other industry topics, such as compliance and legal aspects of the platform.


During the panel discussion of iGaming industry marketing challenges, Dmitry also contributed to the analysis of problems the companies are facing in this field. According to the participants of the discussion, these challenges include the low quality of games currently presented on the market, low market share of blockchain games and the strict advertising regulation in multiple parts of the world.

During the few spare moments we had to catch our breath, we checked out the showcases of other companies. We were particularly impressed by a game demo by Chrono Games, as well as the project named DragonGlass that had already been launched within Ethereum Main Net. We also discovered the DAppstore platform, a great source of analytics of the decentralized gaming market.


We’d like to thank the organizers of this great event. We hope to go to CGC next year to meet our old friends and find new ones!

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