Building a Gambling 3.0 industry regulated by technology

We are building the Blockchain for gambling industry that ensures the automation of transactions and facilitates interactions between all the industry participants: casino operators, game developers, affiliates and players.
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How does the DAO.Casino Blockchain work?

We are building the Blockchain for gambling that provides game developers and casino operators a simple and easy way to create games and to become a casino operator.


Game developers can use DAO.Casino Blockchain to design, code and deploy decentralized games and earn revenue from them.

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Affiliates attract new players and get paid automatically as a player joins the casino. The payments are instant and transparent.

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Casino operators can easily access new markets and kick-start their own decentralized casino with the help of our readymade platform.

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Each token holder can provide a bank for the game with their tokens. The bankroller downloads an application, selects games and then starts bankrolling, acting as the financier of the game.

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DAO.Casino Platform

A better way to run a decentralized casino. Top-notch games, readymade back-office and no need to hold players’ funds — all within DAO.Casino Platform.
DAO.Casino Platform

Company roadmap

2019 • Q1

DAO.Casino Blockchain reveal

2019 • Q2

Testnet 1.0 release

RANDPA implementation

Technical paper 1.0 release

2019 • Q3

Testnet 2.0 release

Governance implementation

Testnet 3.0 release

Game of Stakes



HardFork and VRNG integration

First partner blockchain-based B2C casino announcement

2019 • Q4

To be announced

Blog posts

Dev Update August: Final PreparationsAnnouncements

Dev Update August: Final Preparations

The DAO.Casino team is delighted to release the long-awaited update of the developers’ blog for the month of August and shed light on the new and exciting features.

5 min read
DAO.Casino Blockchain Announces Release of TestNet 2.0Announcements

DAO.Casino Blockchain Announces Release of TestNet 2.0

DAO.Casino is delighted to announce the release of the DAO.Casino Blockchain TestNet 2.0.

3 min read
DAO.Casino Blockchain Performance BenchmarkDevelopment

DAO.Casino Blockchain Performance Benchmark

Since launching our TestNet, we’ve been conducting complex tests to ensure our Blockchain project continues to demonstrate the highest standards.

3 min read


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