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FUTURE OF GAMBLING INDUSTRY is an open ecosystem for gambling games that don’t rely on a trusted third party. It is a decentralised governance system built on Ethereum that rewards all developers, security auditors and community members for their contribution to the platform where players can discover and play scam-free games using familiar and straightforward user interface.


"Developers, developers, developers, and again developers! Developers, developers, developers, and again developers! Developers, developers, developers, and again developers! Developers, developers, developers, and again developers!"

- Steve Ballmer. Token launch Soon


Casinos can cheat

Players don’t trust casinos. Platforms are not transparent. The results can’t be verified. It has now become possible to change. That is why we are building a decentralised casino, that can be owned by everyone.

Dao.Casino will solve this problem by using smart contracts and a blockchain to make players sure of a fair play.

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possible payout

Eliminating the middleman and enabling direct interaction between the players provides a highest possible payout.

Payout Picture

Gambling Industry

  • Predictions
  • Lottery
  • Card Games
  • Betting
  • Slot Machines
  • Dice Machines

Gambling games have a large and diverse user base. Market size of the global online gambling is approx 45 billion and estimated to grow over 50 billion USD this year. IRL gambling market size estimated over 300 billion. A platform for auditable trustless gambling games can provide a better service for the players, and eliminate fraud. A p2p marketplace with built in security audit incentives will allow game developers to use their creativity while maintaining the highest possible security.

Smart contracts unite all participants in the gambling market and establish commonly understood, honest, and prescribed rules of the game. That eliminates fraud.

Business model

Economics of the platform work as a reward system for contribution of value to the whole socio-technical structure - it distributes rewards to independent game developers, community security audit enthusiasts, and the contributors.

Business Model Picture


  • Starting with gambling market research

summer 2016

  • White Paper


  • Game "HackDAO" alfa
  • DAO factory: Smart contract: Shares
  • Smart contract: Shareholder association
  • Smart contract: Blockchain congress
  • Smart contract: Ether funds
  • Platform Alpha
  • Platform: generation address, add funds, profile, communication with game
  • Oracle RANDOM


  • Game "HackDAO" beta
  • Template of the game
  • Documentation: how to connect new games to the platform alfa
  • Second game alfa


  • Demo of DAO on Youtube perform essential functions of smart contracts
  • Transparency - list of transactions in the form of links on the etherscan with comments of made activities
  • DAO Whitelist smart contract. Changes in the Whitelist games register, including the updating of active addresses of game contract
  • Documentation: how to connect new games to the platform beta
  • Platform Alfa
  • Lottery Alpha
  • The first public audit of DAO smart contracts.


  • Audit and test veto on curators Delegates by shareholders, as well as "change delegate" by shareholders.
  • DAO referrals smart contract.
  • The second public audit of DAO smart contracts
  • Test ICO smart contracts
  • Test post-crowdfunding stage of the work.


  • Test of DAO smart contracts with a sum of 1,000 Ether.


  • ICO


  • Long term R&D and support of dev community

Token Distribution

  • 10% Founders
  • 10% Foundation
  • 4.5% Bounties
    • 1% For creator of best random generation solution
    • 3% Games developers (0.1% for one team)
    • 0.5% Community
  • 5.5% Option
    • For 11 Dao Delegates (0.5% for each after one year work)
  • 70% Crowdfunding

Funds Distribution

  • 50% Foundation Dao Casino Platform
    • 5% Legal
    • 5% Operation
    • 25% Development
    • 15% Marketing
  • 50% DAO (will be managed by token holders)
Random Number generation
432 234

1 000 000


Learn More

Ilya had been developing the lottery in 2015, but he faced the problem of attracting an audience.

More than 20% of Ethereum smart contracts are lotteries and gambling games. We decided to create a DAO that will unite all participants. For more details, please read the White Paper or see the code on github.

If you want to get all updates about Dao.Casino join our Slack.


  • Ilya


    Ilya is a serial entrepreneur with experience in finance, operations and marketing. He sold his trading company in 2014 and became a believer in decentralised technology. GFM MBA of IBSI business school. Blockchain assets investor. He loves gambling games himself and thinks decentralised infrastructure & open source cryptographically verifiable code will make gambling industry better.

    Experience: Entrepreneurship, Management, Gambling, Blockchain investment, Marketing

  • Konstantin Lomashuk picture
    Konstantin Lomashuk


    Started his first business at the age of 17. Worked as a broker an Re&Solution after graduating from EBSI. Since 2014 became deeply interested in blockchain technology, and created one of the first decentralised economy reports “Cybernetic Economy Report” which brought together people researching blockchain assets. Co-founded Cyber.Fund, Satochi.Fund and decentralised social network

    Cofounder:, first blockchain traded fund(BTF), and open source social network

    Education: World Economy, Management

  • Konstantin Lomashuk picture

    Business development

    Ksenya is interested in self-organisation and decentralised infrastructure since 2005, in 2014 she joined World Crypto Network - community run channel for crypto-economy enthusiasts as a co-host. In spring 2014 started trolling Ethereum project, but had a chance to learn about it from the members of the core team and was converted. Back then one of the industries she saw potentially disrupted was gaming, because of the wide demographic and number of users, and the need for trustless p2p interaction.

    She worked at Eris Industries in 2015 as a community engagement manager & meetup orga continuing to learn from people at the front of decentralised stateful information systems R&D. Co-organised not for profit events Data Terra Nemo (2015) and DAppHack (2016).
    She is a host and programme researcher of Oktahedron - a podcast about systems and protocols without centralised ownership.

  • Konstantin Lomashuk picture

    Platform development

    Started with Bitcoin in 2012 and in 2013 created the integrated circuit board prototypes at 55nm (bitfury) and 28 nm (coincraft), in 2015 developed own trading platform connectivity thompson reuters. With ethereum met in 2016 by writing your own smart tokens contract. Own project tdxbot (poloniex client for instant messengers Telegram) has 3000 members. Ranked in the top 10 web developers for version, more than 100 projects created from scratch. An active participant in the open source community.

  • Aleksandra

    Project manager

    Aleksandra is project lead with 8 years of experience. She worked in IT and fintech industry. One of her best skills is to motivate people and drive the team forward despite of heavy workload. She had a degree in Business Management and Certificate of International Coach Federation. She believes that decentralised tech and p2p communications is the future and will make our interactions safer & society more free.

  • Sergey

    Game developer

    Making indie games since 2005 in as3, js & lua. He joined DAO.Casino in January and developed Hack The DAO game.
    He published over 20 personal projects on different platforms (steam, Android, IOS, flash, html5) and has experience working with teams. Before joining the project he managed a team of 10 people.

  • Sergey

    DAO design and implementation

    Is team lead at AiraLab. He’s interested in the possibility of direct economic relations human - robot, robot - robot. Working with smart contracts since 2014 Starting in LLL, currently Solidity only. Started researching and implementing DAOs since 2015. Bitcoin/Altcoin/cryptocurrency projects since 2011. He authored DAO Factory, Drone Employee, Telegram Bot for creating ERC20 tokens.

  • Alexander

    Robotics/IoT developer, Project Architect

  • Evgene

    Project manager, Project Architect, Ethereum smart contract developer


  • Large audience
  • the most reliable solution to generate random numbers
  • Each player will additionally participate in the draw of the main jackpot
  • Developer offers the opportunity to obtain funding for the project
  • Audit
    of contracts
  • The developer gets 25% of the Game profits
If you want to get all updates about Dao.Casino join our Slack.

Bounty program

Our team is looking for developers who are willing to co-create and continuously improve the new generation of casinos.

You can join the founding team
and place your game on a platform

  • 1 %

    to the team that finds and implements the best solution for the calculation of random numbers

  • 3 %

    will be distributed by Founders at 0.1% between the first 30 teams of developers, which will place their games at Dao.Casino.