DAO.Casino operates normally, Token Sale put on hold

Beware of scammers — don’t contribute to any address

19.07.2007 due to the critical vulnerability of Parity multisig wallets, some large Ethereum-based projects were attacked and their funds was stolen. However, when vulnerability was exposed, most of the major multisig wallets were saved by WhiteHat hackers, including DAO.Casino multisig.

It means that our funds are safe and being kept in WhiteHat wallets. We are in touch with Parity and believe that the situation will be resolved in the best possible way.

Because of this, the DAO.Casino team decided to put on hold Token Sale until the situation will be clarified. Right now we don’t conduct any sort of Token Sale, so DONT’T CONTRIBUTE TO ANY ADDRESS.

In sum, DAO.Casino is alive, and our contributors tokens are completely safe. DAO.Casino team will keep working under project no matter what.

Additional information will be published in the closest time. All questions you may ask at our official Telegram Channel.

Thank you for your patience!