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Blockchain protocol
for fair gambling

Created by founders of



Everything in the system from random number generation to rewards distribution is transparent, auditable and administered by cryptographically verifiable code. No one can change the rules secretly in their own favour.

P2P marketplace

Game developers deliver the games directly to the players, raise funds for the bankroll from the community and use automated reward mechanism to remunerate players, who invite other players. Authors IP stays with the authors. Game devs don’t need a casino, anyone can just be their own casino.

Owned by everyone

No participant has power over another. Whoever contributes value gets automatically rewarded by the system. It is designed to be fair, and doesn’t have to rely on a potentially corruptible trusted third party.

Highest payout

By design a decentralised system doesn’t encourage rent-seeking behaviour. So no one can take a cut for nothing which allows higher pay outs than in a traditional online casino. Random numbers that determine who wins any given games are provably unpredictable, which means no one can win just by knowing the outcome

How it works

Casino Operators
Game Developers
& Bankrolls

*BET = Dao.Casino tokens

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Market Research,
technical feasibility
assessment, WP

Q2-1 2017

Platform Alpha+Dice game
Black Jack beta
Protocol main contract

Q3 2017


Q4 2017

Official release platform

Q1 2017

Hack the DAO release on Edcon
Platform prototype

Q2-2 2017

Lottery Alpha
Public audit

Q3 2017

Platform beta
First community platform
Slot Alpha


VR platform

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